Five common football injuries(1)-Groin Strain

Dec 21, 2018


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Five common football injuries

During football games, players will need to sprint, dribble and experience a lot of physically contact with the opponents. They are prone to lower extremity injuries which includes muscle strain, ligament sprain and cartilage tear. Proper physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises are crucial in preventing recurrent injuries. In the following articles, 5 common football injuries will be introduced.  

       1.Groin Strain

The groin muscles originate from the lower abdomen and attach to the inner side of the thigh. For footballers, frequent acceleration, change of direction, ball control and dribbling are often required in the game. These movements will involve repeated lengthening and shortening to this group of muscles. Strain injury of groin muscles may result if the muscles are not flexible enough.


      Treatments of groin muscle strain include resting and physiotherapy. In the early stage, athletes should stop practicing and competition and receive physiotherapy such as electrotherapy and ultrasound treatment which help relieve pain and inflammation. For the rehabilitation exercise, athletes should perform groin muscle stretching and strengthening exercises to prevent re-injury.

For the stretching, players can abduct the hip joint at pain free range to stretch the groin muscle. For the strengthening exercises, players may external rotate the hip joint and kick forward against the theraband(hip adduction).
In addition, strengthening the muscles around the hip joints such as the buttocks muscles and quadriceps can also avoid groin muscle strain.

Adductor muscle stretching exercises

Adductor muscle stretching exercises

Adductor muscle strengthening exercises

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