Five common football injuries(4)-Quadriceps Contusion

Dec 21, 2018



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Five common football injuries(4)

4.Quadriceps Contusion

Quadriceps are one of the important muscle groups responsible for knee movement. During football matches, there may be a lot of body contacts between footballers. The quadriceps are easily hit by the opponents resulting in contusion. The signs of contusion include muscle swelling and haematoma. Players are recommended to take a X-Ray to exclude the possibility of bone fracture.

Electrotherapy is needed to reduce pain and inflammation in the first stage. Quadriceps stretching should be performed in pain free range to maintain the muscle flexibility. at later stages, leg extension with theraband can enhance the strength of quadriceps.  Sprinting and jumping training of quadriceps is also crucial to enhance the power of muscles. Players can return to play when they can perform these movements without pain.

Besides, the Kinesio tape could also be used on the injured muscles to promote blood circulation which facilitate muscle healing.

Strengthening of Quadriceps muscles

Stretching of Quadriceps muscles

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